10 Harsh Realities Of Being Naruto Uzumaki

Throughout the entire Naruto franchise, the titular main hero has had many struggles and victories. Few characters have gone through what Naruto Uzumaki has, for better or for worse. While he is beloved by all and is the hero of the franchise, it hasn’t always been this way.

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He had to slowly crawl his way up to earn the fame and respect he now enjoys, paying dearly along the way. His story shows that even the greatest of heroes can start as underdogs and that even after becoming a great hero, the struggles never completely go away. In some ways, the more heroic a character becomes, the more hardships they tend to face.

10 Kurama Is Sealed Inside Naruto Immediately After His Birth

Baby Naruto

Naruto’s struggles start with the Nine-tailed Fox demon being sealed inside of him as an infant. From day one, Naruto is saddled with the burden of Kurama and the power granted to him. Though done out of desperation, the fact that his own parents are the ones to seal the demon away inside of him makes the situation even heavier. Naruto is just a baby, barely even taking his first breath when this happens to him. He has no say in what happens, the consequences haunting him for the rest of his life, starting with the loss of his parents.

9 He is Ostracized By His Entire Village

8 sad and alone naruto

From a very young age, Naruto is shunned and ostracized by the whole Hidden Leaf Village. Though he was only a newborn when it happened, the people of the village place the blame for the Nine-tailed Fox’s attack on him. They know Minato sealed the demon inside of him and view Naruto as guilty by association. In some cases, they treat him as no better than the demon they fear so much. Even Iruka, who becomes Naruto’s most beloved teacher and father figure, starts out hating Naruto for something he had no control over.

8 He Grows Up Without A Family And Must Live Alone

Naruto Uzumaki Alone

Naruto loses both of his parents immediately after his birth. Though he is then placed in the care of the Third Hokage, he receives this care from a distance. Because of this, Naruto must grow up taking care of himself. Even though he is only a kid, he lives alone and fends for himself. It is a rough and lonely life for someone so young, especially since everyone looks down on him. This loneliness is something that drives Naruto, however. It is one of the reasons he becomes the hero everyone loves today.

7 His Classmates All See Him As A Loser

Naruto In Trouble With Iruka

At the beginning of the series, Naruto is far from being a great Shinobi. He struggles even with making a simple clone, let alone a shadow clone. The other genin in his class all look down on him, just like everyone else in the village.

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He’s the class clown and the loser, expected never to graduate and make it as a ninja. Though they become incredibly close once Team 7 forms, both Sasuke and Sakura despise Naruto at this point. They see him as a pest, his goofiness in class annoying the two. It is a huge contrast to the popular guy Naruto becomes and shows just how far he’s come in life.

6 The Power Of The Nine-tailed Fox Is Hard For Him To Control

Naruto Kyuubi Form

Throughout Naruto’s childhood and teen years, he struggles with the power lying dormant inside of him. Everyone in the village hates and fears Kurama and his potential for destruction, and Naruto is no different. Before he can come to terms with him, Naruto blames Kurama for the pain he has to go through. He sees him as an enemy he must fight. Because of this, he is unable to control the powers he’s gained from him or his limitless chakra. It takes Naruto many years to finally reach the point where he has complete control over his strength. Until then, he loses control, the wild and unpredictable personality of Kurama overtaking him and causing great destruction.

5 His Best Friend Betrays Their Village

By the end of the Chunin Exams Arc, Sasuke resolves to abandon Konoha and join Orochimaru. This decision has a monumental impact on Naruto. After all that they go through together, Naruto begins to see Sasuke as his family. He isn’t only his best friend. At this point, he is his brother. Sasuke’s betrayal of that bond leaves an empty space inside of Naruto, a space that can never be filled as long as Sasuke is gone. Because of that, he stops at nothing to get Sasuke back. Even when everyone else has long given up on him, Naruto still believes things can be set right again. This belief drives Naruto and remains one of his biggest goals until the very end.

4 He Is Responsible For Everyone In The Village

After Naruto saves Konoha and the Shinobi world from Pain, he is hailed as a hero and is loved by all. This is everything Naruto has ever wanted in his life, but it comes with a hefty price. Now that he is the hero of the Leaf, everyone in the village is his responsibility. When there’s danger, they look to him for safety and guidance. Even when things are at their bleakest, Naruto must keep himself together and protect his village and loved ones. It is a lot for one person to carry on their shoulders and shows how strong of a will Naruto has.

3 His Status A Jinchuriki Puts Him In Danger

Just like other jinchuriki, Naruto’s life is in imminent danger due to the power sealed inside of him. Jinchuriki are viewed as weapons, and their lives are not taken into consideration by those who desire to wield their power.  A prime example of this is when the Akatsuki abduct Gaara, aiming to extract Shukaku from his body.

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It is one of the earliest moments in Naruto Shippuden to reveal how dangerous being a jinchuriki really is. For Naruto’s entire life, he has to fight to survive because of his status. Though Kurama gives him great power, this same power also brands him for life.

2 His Job As Hokage Takes Priority Over His Family

Hokage Naruto busy in his office.

Naruto seems to be destined for greatness, making him an easy choice as Hokage. His immense power and love for his village are exactly what Konoha needs. However, his job is not an easy one, and he is constantly at work. It puts a strain on his family, as he often has to make the impossible decision of being the Hokage before being a father. He misses important moments in his children’s lives, creating distance between them that they hadn’t known before Naruto took up his position. Unfortunately, it is a price he has to pay for the safety of all.

1 Losing Kurama Leaves Him Feeling Empty

Naruto Tries To Stop Kurama In Boruto Naruto Next Generations

After spending his entire life with Kurama as a part of him, Naruto finally has to say goodbye to him in Boruto after defeating Isshiki Otsutsuki. The excessive use of chakra during the battle was too much, resulting in Kurama’s death. His untimely end is a severe blow to Naruto, leaving him devastated and lost. When the realization hits for him that Kurama is gone, he feels hollow and incomplete. Kurama has been with Naruto his entire life. The idea of Kurama no longer being a part of him is unfathomable to Naruto. Not only does Kurama’s death leave Naruto in a state of despair, but it also cuts his strength down incredibly. Naruto is no longer the powerhouse he once was, and now that he is on his own, he is going to have to learn how to navigate life without Kurama.

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