10 Cutesy Looking Dark Humor Comics That Are Too Twisted

We all love surprises!

And nothing is better than expecting something cute by the way something looks and then finding out that the subject matter is really horrific. Wait, you’re saying you don’t like that? Oh well, because that is what we have decided to show you here today. You would think these are some wholesome comics because of the unique cutesy style of the artist but dark humor is running rampant in these comics.

I would even go as far as to say, there isn’t much humor and these are just straight-up dark but that depends on the person because I am in love with these. The artist behind these comics is Sheharzad and they create these comic strips regularly. In only one panel they manage to create a whole story and it always leaves you surprised. 

So check it out for yourself by scrolling below. 

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#1 A little bit of face juice adds the kick that lemonade needs.

#2 No need for a bath when you can just squeeze yourself into the washing machine.

#3 That is one way to do that magic trick although it would get very messy pretty quickly.

#4 She at least has the decency to ask beforehand and not just steal someone’s eyes.

#5 She should have created haggis with those intestines rather than eating it raw.

The artist behind these comics has close to 50k followers on Instagram and they also sell most of their prints for those who want to wear this cutesy-looking style as a T-shirt. I mean, they certainly have a very unique style and not many artists use this sort of humor. But I think that is what makes the artist stand out among others. 

#6 I always love opening new candies and this looks extra sweet.

#7 Well, he didn’t torture that boy and put him under anaesthesia so I say he is very kind.

#8 I always hated that trick! This is actually something I would like to do.

#9 We do this to ice cream so why wouldn’t they do the same to us? Although I feel bad for the one who lost their human on the ground.

However, you can also get these artworks in hard copy form on their website. They have managed to create short series with some of the characters.

#10 Cats just love to play with their food sometimes.

What are your thoughts on these not so wholesome comics? Let us know in the comments below. And why not surprise your friends by sharing these with them?

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