10 Celebrities who don’t look their normal age

Oh, to be young again. I’m sure you’ve taken a look at an old photo album and yearned for the days when permanent eye bags didn’t exist, your hair looked much fuller, and your youth wasn’t ticking by so quickly. But some celebrities, despite their ages, just don’t seem to understand the concept and continue to look as good as the day they first stepped onto the Hollywood scene. Let’s take a look at those who don’t need to worry about bad genes and know exactly what it takes to stay young and vibrant.

Mila Kunis Age 38

Jesse Eisenberg Age 38

Christina Aguilera age 41

Sofía Vergara age 51

Andrew Garfield age 38

Shakira Age 45

skai jackson age 20

Thomas Brodie-Sangster age 31

Samuel L. Jackson age 73

Avril Lavigne age 37

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