Waqar zaka Beaten in Karachi. Know what was the reason behind it?

In the most curved news of 2017, Pakistani reality star Waqar Zaka, who is partial to standing out as truly newsworthy, was beaten and ambushed in Karachi the previous evening.

Waqar Zaka, who earned his notoriety through the truth arrangement ‘Living on the Edge’, was mercilessly beaten and attacked in Karachi, by obscure men who later made recordings of the occurrence that saw Waqar Zaka being manhandled, beaten and dragged around.

Up as of recently, unique sources have been making cases of why Waqar was assaulted. It is trusted that a young lady was included by one means or another. Waqar Zaka had posted a rage on his Snapchat account where he was discussing young ladies who utilize folks, he specified the name and subtle elements of a specific young lady, which we won’t share here.

Some individuals guarantee that Waqar was assaulted thus of the tirade he posted on his Snapchat account, where he asked the young lady’s better half, who he named, to get in touch with him so he could inform him concerning how she is conversing with various folks and making them battle about her.

These were some genuine assertions by Waqar, as an open speaker and big name, all that he says has weight, and to name a young lady through his open profile, give out her points of interest and afterward slander her like this, will undoubtedly have outcomes.

Be that as it may, the strike and its shooting ought to in any case be censured. The truth star was beaten mercilessly, dragged around and undermined to have his hair style, all that while being taped.

It is applicable to include here that it is still uncertain, regardless of whether Zaka had been beaten first or whether he had raved about the young lady first. Since there are no affirmed reports, it is deceptive to judge. Still, the reality remains that Waqar talked about a young lady on his Snapchat, give out her subtle elements and it is not being valued by the gathering of people.

As indicated by different gossipy tidbits, Waqar Zaka was shooting a young lady on Snapchat when she got him. On discovering, her loved ones started beating him.

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Waqar Zaka is the same man who went to, celebrate his new year , in Syria by helping those in need.

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