Police officer charged with killing a man in Islamabad surrenders

Also read: Islamabad: Young man shot dead by police officer. A police official accused of fatally shooting a man near a police picket in Islamabad in the wee hours of Friday has surrendered before the police, an official said on Sunday. The officer of police’s Eagle Squad, Samiullah Niazi, had fled the scene after the incident […]

Imran Khan hopes trump to ban visas for Pakistan

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Sunday, while condemning the plight of Muslims prevented from entering the United States (US) under US President Donald Trump’s immigration ban, expressed hope that the ban is extended to Pakistanis. “I want to tell all Pakistanis today, I pray that Trump bans Pakistani visas so that we can […]

Waqar zaka Beaten in Karachi. Know what was the reason behind it?

In the most curved news of 2017, Pakistani reality star Waqar Zaka, who is partial to standing out as truly newsworthy, was beaten and ambushed in Karachi the previous evening. Waqar Zaka, who earned his notoriety through the truth arrangement ‘Living on the Edge’, was mercilessly beaten and attacked in Karachi, by obscure men who […]

activist Salman haider

Salman Haider Returns Home!

ISLAMABAD: According to police sources, lobbyist and blogger Salman Haider achieved home on Friday night. As indicated by police, Salman Haider, a lobbyist and blogger who had disappeared from Isamabad a few days back, returned home on Friday night. Police additionally uncovered that he was in typical condition. Salman Haider had disappeared from Islamabad’s Bani […]


360 View Of Kaaba from Inside!

Kaaba is, all things considered, the holiest place for Muslims around the globe. The Kaaba is arranged at the focal point of Islam’s most consecrated mosque, the Masjid Al-Haraam, in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Consistently, a great many Muslims plummet upon the blessed site for a yearly journey as a component of the principal mainstays of […]


Sawal Yeh Hai – 10th May 2014 – Dr Tahir -ul-Qadri Exclusive by PakTweets