Waqar Zaka becomes friend with Junaid Haider

Recently Waqar Zaka posted a video of himself with Junaid Haider on his social media page. In the video Waqar and Junaid told that there were no clashes between them and the issue is resolved. Video: Junaid Haider is the same guy who had beaten Waqar Zaka in front of a cafe in Karachi. Also […]

Basant is finally coming back

Basant kite festival is the seasonal festival of the punjab region in Pakistan. After 10 years, Basant might come back to Pakistan! LAHORE: The government should announce the revival of Basant immediately. Also, there should be no condition of getting an NOC for holding cultural events and the festivals suspended by the government in the name […]

After Neelum Munir , Video of Beenish Chohan(lookAlike) goes viral

Beenish Chohan  is a Pakistani television actress and model. She is best known for her role in Mera Saaein in 2011. She has also won Lux Style Award for Best Actress for Pehli Boondh and was also nominated for Lux Style Awards for Satellite Best TV Actress. After the bashing video of neelum munir here comes […]


This Is How Americans Reacted To Seeing Pakistani Actresses For The First Time!

If you think Pakistani Actresses are gorgeous and that Americans reacting to foreign stuff is funny, this is the perfect article for you! An American YouTube channel by the name of Fomo Daily has this particular trend of react videos. It’s called Like, DM, Unfollow. They show American people the Instagram accounts of celebrities and ask whether […]