Waqar zaka Beaten in Karachi. Know what was the reason behind it?

In the most curved news of 2017, Pakistani reality star Waqar Zaka, who is partial to standing out as truly newsworthy, was beaten and ambushed in Karachi the previous evening. Waqar Zaka, who earned his notoriety through the truth arrangement ‘Living on the Edge’, was mercilessly beaten and attacked in Karachi, by obscure men who […]

activist Salman haider

Salman Haider Returns Home!

ISLAMABAD: According to police sources, lobbyist and blogger Salman Haider achieved home on Friday night. As indicated by police, Salman Haider, a lobbyist and blogger who had disappeared from Isamabad a few days back, returned home on Friday night. Police additionally uncovered that he was in typical condition. Salman Haider had disappeared from Islamabad’s Bani […]


360 View Of Kaaba from Inside!

Kaaba is, all things considered, the holiest place for Muslims around the globe. The Kaaba is arranged at the focal point of Islam’s most consecrated mosque, the Masjid Al-Haraam, in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Consistently, a great many Muslims plummet upon the blessed site for a yearly journey as a component of the principal mainstays of […]

Military sure of casualties on Indian side: Asim Bajwa

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Army is certain it caused casualties on the Indian side of the border in response to the cross-border firing by Indian troops which killed two Pakistani soldiers, Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Director General Lt Gen Asim Bajwa said on Saturday. Briefing journalists in Baghsar area of Azad Kashmir, Bajwa said it was […]

These 4 Dishes You Thought Are Pakistani But They Are Actually Wilayti Dishes

No amount of fast food can beat the taste or replace our desi food. That is the thing about Pakistani food – no matter what the occasion is, no matter what your mood is, our desi food is THE BEST food. I am sure when they invented maa k hath ka khana statement, they were talking […]

These Pakistani Lads Are Taking Freestyle Football To A Whole New Level

If you asked a random person on the street what football is, they’d tell you it’s a sport. They’ll say it has two teams, each with their own set of players and the point of the game is to kick the ball to get it to the other side of the field and make sure […]

6 Amazing Things You Can Do With Lemons

Lemon if put to good use and used to its maximum can be a total magical thing for you. Use it Wisely. WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS… SIMPLY ZEST Lemon zest has got more flavor than the lemon juice. It has a nice tangy scent and a lemony flavoring because obviously its a lemon. For […]